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So in a break from decorating my new house, just to show I'm not dead. And I'm reading Do You Remember the First Time? by Jenny Colgan

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Well, nearly.

After two odd years of waiting for jobs to be advertised, applying, not getting an interview, getting an interview and not getting the job, I'm now the permanant Case File Manager at Portsmouth CJU!

Yah booh sucks to the CPS who didn't wanna employ me.

Should write more but too tired. 

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So after a week of working two jobs at two different offices I'm a little spacey but here goes.

Have recently realised the James Taylor song I thought was called Sweet Baby Jane is actually Sweet Baby James. Pleased as the title was the only thing I didn't like about the song.

Read Sleep With Me, can't remember the author. Wanted to read it for ages, it turned out to be very different than I'd expected. Wouldn't read it again. The last three books I've read have all had a pregnant woman as a main character, hope the next one won't. Can't rememeber if I put that I read Kathy Page (brilliant name for an author) Alphabet - that was good!

A final salve then to the god forsaken mess that was Series Two of Rome. How could the sequel be so bad when series one was so good?  It seemed like a very extended final episode with everyone waiting to say thier final lines and get outta there. Simon Woods was appallingly bad as Octavian, especially compared to Max Perkis wonderful intellectual monster as the young Octavian. And why no love interest for Vorenus?

So acting honours. The cheerfully homicidal Titus Pullo and the always furious Lucius Vorenus (loved it when he broke chracter to tell Cleopatra to 'kiss my arse!') wre brilliant characters and will make Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidds careers. Pullo was great (how can he murder so may and stay so likeable?) but Vorenus was my favourite - more hidden depth, no never explored.

My favourite moments were when they were on screen with Mark Antony, vying for position. James Purefoy exuded masculinity and takes the laurel crown, despite a surprising challenge from David Bamber as Cicero. 

I predict this will live on in fanfic. Rome II.II?      

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So Audrey 3 is now so big she is nearly touching the ceiling. Its alive Just-Don't-Care! Its ALIVE I tell you!!

Was starving before I got home, but am no longer. Go figure.

I have finished reading if no-one speaks of remarkable things by jon mcgregor. It took me til page 80 something to get into it, he has a very opening paragraph style but I'm glad I stuck with it.

I am now reading Alphabet by Kathy Page which I loved from page 1 (page is a great name for a writer don't you think?) She wrote Story of My Face which is one of my favourite books.

Series 2 of Rome starts tonight. I predict lots of gore.    

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So am confirmed in Job and have a PROPER sign on my door with no handle.

Audrey 3, the bean plant growing in my kitchen has now reached 8 inches or thereabouts.

I have read Something Might Happen by Julie Myerson , great title terrible book. Everyone spoke in a really strange elliptical way, and we were asked to believe that 3 different men were in love with the main character, a nursing mother of four. This book seemed to be more about breastfeeding than a murder mystery.

Can't say I'm surprized at the outcome of last nights The Apprentice. Sir Alan always picks the divvy (Simon, Michelle, Tim) instead of the capapble one (Kristina Grimes, Siara Khan, The Badger)

So what with that and Any Dream Will Do? finishing I am watching nothinng until series two of Rome next week.    

No more Lee on Saturday nights! What will I do? Still don't have tickets......

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I got my new job! I have  my own cupboard office! With my own door! Ok so the door has no handle so theres a plank of wood nailed across it to stop me being locked in for life.

Very pleased having worked on this since December. Now thats out of the way I can concentrate on who will win Any Dream Will do? tonight. (cough Lee!)

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Ok so finally set up an LJ,  just so I can rave about the lovely Lee Mead with his other fans. Really shouldn't be obsessing over Any Dream Will Do? when I have an interview to prepare for, but hey ho. Finding it curiously difficult to sleep on Saturday nights at the moment......   

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